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Really Famous celebrity interviews

Jun 12, 2017

Better Call Saul actor Michael McKean sits down with Kara and they talk about why Chuck McGill is "America's sweetheart," what he thinks about Walter White and Skyler White on Breaking Bad, playing one half of "Lenny & Squiggy" on Laverne & Shirley, the backstory he created for the film This Is Spinal Tap, what moves him in real life and onscreen, his favorite films and actors, his lifelong battle with insomnia, what he inherited from his parents, why a missing password is stopping him from doing something he's really into, his favorite films and actors, and why he was a "screw-up" as a kid.

Interview by journalist and celebrity interviewer Kara Mayer Robinson.

Music: Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech), licensed by Creative Commons.