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Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

Apr 29, 2019

Jane the Virgin narrator and movie trailer voice artist Anthony Mendez could entertain me all day with his deep voice!

Anthony will entertain you too, starting with a little gem to kick off the podcast.

His voice!

What he shares about his life as a voice actor is equally entertaining. Sit back (or walk your dog...or commute to work...or run a few miles...) and enjoy.

You'll hear us bond over small-town New Jersey and:

  • Where his "Latin Lover Narrator" voice came from
  • His recent move from New Jersey to Los Angeles
  • Why LA can be a lonely town
  • His unidentifiable accent
  • The worries of both voice actors and on-camera actors
  • How often he showers and shaves (or not)
  • Inside scoop on promos and movie trailers
  • Anthony's big moment
  • Being a Latino voice actor -- and stereotypes
  • Fun fact about narrating from his bed in NJ!
  • He walks us through PRECISELY the steps he takes to narrate Jane the Virgin, including recaps
  • Television Academy categories and how tricky they can be
  • Ego vs. business
  • Visibility and elevating your "brand"
  • We struggle - and struggle - and struggle to remember the name of the actor who plays Captain Kirk.


TRIVIA: Which of my other guests (past or future!) are from New Jersey?

Send me your guess!


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Watch Jane the Virgin. (And don't forget to thank me when you get hooked.) (seasons 1-4) (season 5)


Anthony's big red carpet moment:


William Shatner's recording session:



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Celebrity interview by Kara Mayer Robinson.

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