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Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

Jan 21, 2022

Friends, I'm sharing this in honor of my friend Louie Anderson, an extraordinary human with an enormous heart. It's the talk that sparked our friendship. Louie and I hit it off right away, as you'll see here. He came back on the show again later. We even tried out a new entertainment project together (mixed reviews on that; maybe I'll tell you about it someday). But more importantly, we became friends. I'll miss his phone calls and text messages. I'll miss him calling me when I was at the beach or running errands. I'll miss texting him every time I think about him just to say I love him. I'll miss his big heart. I'll miss his joking and his laughter, his emotions and his sensitivity. There wasn't enough time. 

Here's my second talk with Louie, which he liked to call "Part 2 with Lou" - 

I'll be sharing personal photos on Instagram, when I catch my breath. You'll find them here -