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Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

Aug 3, 2021

Fun + deep thoughts with comedian and Superior Donuts actor Maz Jobrani!

We talk:

  • His book, I’m Not A Terrorist But I’ve Played One on TV
  • Flying during covid
  • Expensive flights
  • Misinformation
  • A wild story about an email I got from one celebrity’s rep
  • Class projects
  • Looking symptoms up online and thinking you’re going to die
  • Maz’s Persian Jewish friends
  • Being the lead character in your own movie
  • The pressure of posting on social media
  • Sweating the small stuff vs. the big stuff
  • Being late to his own stand-up comedy tour shows
  • How he sees himself
  • Being a comedian vs. an actor
  • His podcast, Back to School with Maz Jobrani
  • The rush of being onstage
  • Getting into the zone
  • Grit
  • Passion vs. grit
  • The politics of your career
  • His experience at UC Berkeley and UCLA
  • How to get where you want to be in life
  • What to do when you’re discouraged
  • His pandemic puppy
  • The secret to success in relationships
  • The best shows on TV, according to me and Maz Jobrani
  • Hacks 
  • Miracle Workers
  • Gomorrah


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