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Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

Mar 9, 2020

Michael Imperioli is back for a 3rd time on Really Famous. This time we did it in front of an audience of friends, family and fans of Really Famous and Michael. It was A BLAST. I loved it. There's a lot to explain, and I do it in the intro. Enjoy.

Here, a sample of interesting things Michael says during the show:

  • “I got really addicted to the news. Then at some point I realized, ‘Oh wow…they really want you to be addicted. They're a business. They want you to sit there as long as possible.’”
  • “I question all those things. I don’t know. It disturbs me.”
  • "I open doors for women. If someone has a problem with it and they tell me, then I won’t do it anymore. And that’s ok.”
  • "Talking about my career ... I’ve done that a lot of times, but actually going somewhere and talking about how we view the world is really interesting and engaging.”
  • “I don’t like looking back so much. I really like looking forward. Like if I’m on a train facing the wrong way, I’ll get sick.”
  • “David Chase actually said he doesn’t think there would be The Sopranos if there wasn’t Goodfellas.”
  • “As important as your relationship with your teacher is, the relationships you make with people of like mind is very important.”

We talk about so much. It's real. Join us.



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Celebrity interview by Kara Mayer Robinson.

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