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Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

May 27, 2020

Tony Goldwyn (actor, director, writer, who you may know as President Fitz Grant on Scandal or Patrick Swayze's so-called friend on Ghost) is super authentic, honest + deep.

Listen in and you'll see...

You'll hear about:

  • Hollywood, showbiz, lies, smoke and mirrors
  • Tony's Broadway show, Network, with pal...

May 18, 2020

Actor Tim Daly (Madam Secretary, Wings, Superman, Private Practice, Diner) and I catch up on Zoom and get super analytical.

We talk:

  • staying at home
  • Tim's sister, Tyne Daly, had coronavirus and he took care of her
  • being an introvert
  • human contact
  • adapting to change
  • getting sober
  • the serenity prayer
  • epiphanies
  • climbing...

May 5, 2020

Julian McMahon - FBI: Most Wanted, Nip/Tuck, Charmed, Fantastic Four - and I have fun analyzing so many topics, like:

  • Why playing plastic surgeon Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck hit him hard
  • How FX consciously branded itself and became spectacular
  • Michael Chiklis, Glenn Close, The Shield, The Americans, etc.
  • Why he chose a...