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Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

Nov 10, 2020

Actor Erich Bergen, who plays Blake on the popular CBS TV series Madam Secretary and is a master stage performer and musician (Waitress, Jersey Boys), hangs out in his New York City apartment and analyzes people, life and performance.

From November 2018.

You'll hear:

  • Behind-the-scenes details on Madam Secretary, Tim Daly, Tea Leoni and Lou Gossett, Jr.
  • Erich's pet peeves
  • Why spelling matters
  • How holding a microphone impacts how we act
  • Reality TV
  • Watching people's therapy sessions
  • Performer's high
  • Performer's low
  • Why Erich is private about his personal life
  • The flaw in the term "broken family"
  • What Erich did in college (Hint: It's VERY relevant to this podcast.)
  • BONUS! You'll also hear his brand-new singles, Running Through the Night and Better in the Dark ... right here! (***Erich gave us permission to run both songs on this podcast.***)





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Celebrity interview by Kara Mayer Robinson.

Music - Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod - incompetech - Creative Commons