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Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

Apr 30, 2018

He had malaria!

He had no real job or home for almost 2 decades!

And no, he wasn't plucked off a boat and given his plum gig hosting River Monsters and now Mighty Rivers on Animal Planet.

Get to know Jeremy Wade, all the cool things he's done, and the scoop on how he got his nature show job. Hint: It wasn't easy.


The famous TV host and real-life celebrity also talks about:

  • Getting malaria
  • Living with no job or home
  • What his parents thought about a "proper" career
  • How he went from nothing to big time

By the end, you'll know Jeremy Wade inside and out!



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Video - Jeremy Wade's Speed Round Q&A

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Watch Jeremy Wade's Mighty Rivers - Sunday nights at 9 pm ET on Animal Planet.


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This episode was recorded at RIU Plaza New York Times Square.

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Celebrity interview by Kara Mayer Robinson

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